AR Management Software

REVEX is a revolutionary platform designed to help skilled nursing facilities easily streamline their AR tracking process. REVEX software provides automation capabilities that help you streamline the management of your AR. Allowing you to free up your medical billers to focus on more meaningful responsibilities.

Experience a smarter way to manage your AR

REVEX provides an innovative software solution to help skilled nursing medical billers manage your AR. We begin by extracting your accounts receivable data from your patient management system and posting it securely to our HIPAA compliant portal. From our secured portal, your medical billers can access notes and statuses in real-time anywhere, anytime.

cash flow


Improve your cash flow, efficiency, and transparency with automated AR management from REVEX.

  • Cash Flow
    Increase cash and decrease days in AR with automatic daily claims updates and next step instructions on all denied claims.
  • Efficiency
    Sort AR by claim status, date of service, payor, amount, and urgency to manage, prioritize, and delegate accounts to specific billers.
  • Transparency
    Know the status of any claim at any time with real-time notes and claim status updates accessible via our cloud-based servers.


Choose the REVEX plan that’s right for your business.

level1 pattern

REVEX Foundation

  • Stand-alone AR tracking system
  • Claims upload support
  • Standard workflow configuration
level2 pattern

Investigation Support

  • Everything from the REVEX Foundation service
  • General claim follow-up
  • Action/next step guidance
level3 pattern

Denial Management

  • Everything from the Investigation Support service
  • Corrections and adjustments on all AR
  • Appeals/Reconsiderations

Our Solution For Your Business

We provide a fresh approach to AR management software that lets you create streamlined workflows for your medical billers and insightful dashboards in minutes.

red flag

Red Flag

red flag alert

Red Flag Alerts

Integrated flagging feature to help you set aside the most important claims for the customer.

embedded reporting

Embedded Reporting

embedded reporting

Embedded Reporting

Simplified AR Aging Reports identifying what is collectible or needs to be adjusted for each claim.

Easy and

Easy and Intuitive

Input processing notes and collection status with our easy and intuitive data collection process.

access anytime

Access Anytime, Anywhere

access anytime

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Real-time access to your AR information from anywhere and at any time from your mobile device or from an application on your desktop.

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MCA- Medical Billing Solutions, L.L.C.

REVEX provides your skilled nursing facility with the efficiencies of outsourced AR data management. But, there are more efficiencies available to help support your growing business with MCA. MCA is a market-leading skilled nursing billing service. MCA provides you the strength, knowledge, and peace of mind for skilled nursing reimbursement.

As a full-service Revenue Cycle Management company, MCA provides electronic claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid, and all Commercial Insurers. We are here to help you navigate your revenue cycle management while providing consistency and stability for your operations.

Learn more about MCA’ full-scale revenue cycle management, accounts receivable cleanup, and statements and call center services.

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